Jumat, 25 November 2016

Faktor Yang Menyebabkan Gairah Sek Pada pria Menurun

Pada saat usia muda gairah atau hasrat seks sangat tinggi ereksi penis selalu terjadi seketika spontan dan sekeras kayu. Tapi kali ini gairah sek pada pria menurun dikarenakan penis lebih sering lesu tidak keras seperti biasanya seperti sosis yang kekurangan isi, lemas dan terkulai di balik celana.

Banyak faktor yang menyebabkan gairah seks pada pria menurun. Gairah seks pada pria tidak sama bahkan sangat jauh berbeda biasanya gairah seks pada pria lebih unggul dibandingkan dengan gairah seks pada wanita, oleh sebab itu banyak para pria yang mengalami gairah seksnya menurun keinginan beraktivitas seksualnya lebih kecil dibandingkan dengan wanita. Faktor yang sering terjadi dalam penurunan gairah pada pria terbilang cukup kompleks dikarenakan banyak faktor yang menyebabkan gairah sek pada pria menurun berikut faktor yang menyebabkan gairah sek pada pria menurun:

1.       Stress
Banyak pikiran atau terlalu banyak memikirkan hal-hal yang tidak sepele akan mengakibatkan gairah seks pada pria menurun atau mungkin dikarenakan tekanan pekerjaan yang akan bisa membuat hubungan seks dengan wanita diranjang tidak bergairah.

2.       Tidak lagi tertarik secara fisik
Dikarenakan terlalu sering melakukan hubungan seks dengan pasangan anda hal ini juga akan mengakibatkan gairah seks pada pria menurun fakta ini memang menyedihkan akan tetapi ada kemungkinan pria tidak mau lagi bercinta dengan pasangannya dikarenakan penampilan pasangannya tidak tertarik lagi entah karena bobot pasangan bertambah, gayanya kurang seksi, cara berpakainnya kurang menarik dan juga tidak enak lagi di pandang atau dilihat.

3.       Bosan
Suka tidak suka tapi inilah alasan yang paling sering muncul pada pria yang kehilangan gairah seksnya bagaimanapun juga mungin sudah bosan berhubungan seks dengan pasangannya yang sudah lama sekali berhubungan bahkan bertahun-tahun faktor ini yang menyebabkan gairah seks pada pria menurun.

4.       Penyakit
Faktor yang menyebabkan gairah sek pada pria menurun dikarenakan pria mempunyai penyakit faktor ini yang terjadi bila pria mengalami gairah seknya menurun seperti: mempunyai penyakit diabetes, tumor, ataupun penyakit ginjal, testosteron pasangan anda bisa dipengaruhi oleh sederet penyakit tersebut.

5.       Pil kontrasepsi
Banyak yang mengatakan seperti para ahli kedokteran sudah sangat percaya bahwa kandungan hormon esterogen dalam pil kontrasepsi membuat libido pria berkurang dan ereksi pun tidak kuat sehingga akan mengakibatkan gairah sek pada pria menurun.

6.       Obesitas
Testeron pun bisa tersesat di tengah timbunan lemak jika bobot pria anda mulai naik dan ada indikasi gairah seksnya menurun. Untuk memulainya cobalah rayu agar pria bisa berdiet dan berolahraga.

7.       Ketagihan film porno
Terlalu banyak nonton film porno akan mengakibatkan gairah seks pada pria menurun meskipun terdengarnya aneh tapi terlalu banyak nonton film porno ini yang akan menurunnya gairah seks pada pria karena pria yang ketagihan film porno cenderung berobsesi oleh perempuan yang ada di vidio tersebut.

8.       Obat-obatan
Terlalu banyak mengkonsumsi obat-obatan akan mengakibatkan gairah seks pada pria menurun dapat juga menurunkan gairah seks baik itu obat sehari-hari maupun obat mingguan karena jika terlalu banyak atau sering mengkonsumsi obat-obatan akan mengakibatkan gairah seka pada pria menurun.

9.       Orientasi seksual
Memang kemungkinannya kecil tapi bisa jadi suami sebenarnya malas bercinta dengan pasangannya dikarenakan dia kini tak lagi tertarik pada perempuan. Faktor ini akan mengakibatkan gairah seks pada pria menurun. Agar gairah pada pria meningkat dan bersemangat lagi untuk bercinta  sebaiknya cobalah anda iseng mengajaknya menonton film porno yang diperankan oleh pasangan homoseksual dan lihat reaksinya.

1.   Makan kemasan
Bahan kimia dalam bahan kemasan seperti bisphenol A dan phthalates ini yang akan membuat produksi testeron terhambat dan akan mengakibatkan gairah pada pria menurun.

1.   Anak
Kehadiran anak bisa membuat suami pria atau suami tidak betah dirumah. Namun anak juga bisa menjadi alasan dia malas bercinta. Ada kalanya suami lebih tertarik bermain dengan anak dibandingkan bermesraan dengan istri di ranjang dan faktor ini akan mengakibatkan gairah seks pada pria menurun.

Berikut adalah faktor yang menyebabkan gairah pada pria menurun. oleh karena itu jika pasangan anda atau suami anda anda tidak bergairah dalam bercinta atau tidak bergairah dalam seksnya berikut adalah pembahasan yang sudah dijelaskan mengenai tentang permasalahan faktor yang menyebabkan gairah pria menurun semoga bermanfaat.

Kamis, 24 November 2016

How to Recognize and Eliminate Depression

Most of us feel sad, or depressed at some point in our lives. Often the loss of a pet, a minor illness or even the thought of getting older, leave us feeling sad, or blue. For most people, these feelings are temporary, and resolve themselves over a short time. However, when feelings of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness begin to take over our lives, invading each day, and interrupting our daily life, it is time to take action before depression becomes serious. Below are some of the symptoms that can signal a major depressive episode. 

Sadness, Hopelessness and Guilt

Someone who is suffering from depression usually feels intense sadness, and cannot identify the cause. This sadness can lead to a feeling of hopelessness that things cannot get better, and guilt over neglecting family, work or life in general. 

Loss of Interest In Formerly Enjoyable Activities

It is common for a depressed person to lose interest in activities that used to bring pleasure, such as work, family, friends and hobbies. There can also be a lack of interest in life itself, leading the person to neglect housework, relationships and personal hygiene.

Sleep Disturbances

Another common symptom of depression is sleep problems. Many depressed people find that insomnia keeps them awake night after night, and the loss of sleep only makes things worse. Others find that they cannot stay awake, sleeping for hours on end, and refusing to get out of bed. They often draw the shades, and turn off the lights, preferring the darkness.

Appetite Changes

Changes in appetite can accompany a depressive episode. Some sufferers experience an increase in appetite, often bingeing on unhealthy foods, and wallowing in guilt afterward. Others have no appetite at all, refusing to eat, or eating very little. 

Suicidal Thoughts

Left untreated, depression sometimes becomes so severe that a person begins to contemplate suicide. They may become obsessed with death and dying, or even create a suicide plan. Sometimes, a depressed person will talk of suicide in everyday conversation, as if to reach out for help. These red flags are serious, and should never be ignored, or considered idle talk. Many people have attempted suicide, either successfully, or unsuccessfully, because their cries for help either went unnoticed, or ignored. If you, or someone you know, begins to talk about suicide, get help for them as soon as possible. This can be a life-or-death situation.

Treating Depression

Depression can be a debilitating disorder, disrupting a person's life, and can even become dangerous, or life-threatening. Fortunately, Depression offers a high rate of recovery when recognized, and treated, by a medical professional. 

The first step in treating depression often involves medication, usually anti-depressants, and/or anti-anxiety medication. Medication can offer some fairly immediate relief until further treatment becomes successful.

Medication is usually combined with some type of therapy, counseling or even hospitalization, if the case is severe. It can also help to seek out a support group for people with depression.

It is clear that depression is a major illness, but when treated properly, it can be overcome successfully, bringing life back to normal again. The key is in recognizing, and seeking treatment for, any symptoms that indicate a depressive episode.

Rabu, 23 November 2016

Embracing Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is the fastest growing platform for online marketing. Next to video, it is making waves and almost everybody is rushing to get involved. Whether you have already embraced it or not, you will do well to understand the opportunities and potential involved with a solid social media campaign.


For the start-up business, whether online or offline, social media is an incredible chance to get valuable exposure for your business. Given how competitive and expensive other campaigns, such as paid advertising can be, a chance to get free exposure to potentially thousands of people is not one to easily dismiss. 

A successful social media campaign during the early stages a a new business's life can make the difference between success and failure.

One thing to be careful of is not going too far and "over exposing". In other words, don't spam so much that your product, service, or business is disregarded and not taken seriously. Getting it right is a delicate balance. 

There is already a lot of *noise* on the social media scene, don't add to it.


Another unique aspect of social media is the ability to interact on a person level with your customers. Everybody has a mobile and your app or social media accounts let you get right in their pocket. This should not be underestimated. 

Too many businesses turn their mobile app or social media campaigns into miniature versions of their .com or offline campaigns. A mobile app (or social account) is a separate entity and should be treated as such.

There are many unique features, and different ways to organize your app that will encourage more interaction and personal engagement. This is key to social media. 


There is a massive amount of engagement within the social media world. Some of it is just token gestures though. Many apps, websites, and social accounts have cottoned on to the idea that getting more social "shares" results in better rankings, increased popularity, and definitely more attractiveness. 

Keeping up appearances is important and something that even the most established of brands cannot fail to embrace.

You've probably noticed now how almost everyone is asking for "likes", "shares" and comments, sometimes even in exchange for prizes. While this may appear cheap to some, it is starting to appear that the ones who successfully employ these strategies do end up reaping more benefits later on.

Engagement is not just about chasing "likes" though. There is much more to it than that.

By keeping engaged with your audience, you can achieve many things:

1. Keep them updated of latest news and events in your business.

2. Let them understand your business more.

3. Understand them more (vitally important)

4. Keep them interested.

5. Increase your opportunities to turn them into customers.

All of the above are the core principles of successful business, and are very much achievable within the social media world.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is growing rapidly and is not a fleeting fad. Over the next few years, while many new social platforms will rise and fall, the fact will remain that social media will dominate the online and offline worlds. If businesses do not embrace and engage with these worlds, they risk being left behind.